Secondary Education TVET

Entry Requirements for Teachers pursuing the secondary education programme:

The Following represents the minimum entry requirements for admission to the Associate Degree Teacher Education Programme.

A minimum of Five (5) CSEC subjects at General Proficiency Grades I,II,III or five(5) "O" levels. These Subjects should include

In addition, specific entry requirements for specialization

- 2 Cape Units or an Associate Degree in the specialist subject (Major)
- At laest CXC or equivalent in the minor

Social Studies is not done at "A" Level and as such the following passes will be accepted as its requirement: "A" level Geography or History, or 2 CAPE units in either Geography or History or Sociology.

In Instance where the applicant has no qualification at CAPE or GCE "A" level, but has some other qualification, an assessment should be made to determine eligibility for entry into the program