Primary Education


Primary Education Entry Requirements:

The Following represents the minimum entry requirements for admission to the Associate Degree Teacher Education Programme.

A minimum of Five (5) CSEC subjects at General Proficiency Grades I,II,III or five(5) "O" levels. These Subjects should include

English A
Social Studies
Science - Integrated Science, Human Social Biology or Agriculture Science or Pure Science
One(1) Additional subject






TED Primary Program Outline

Semester 1 Semester 2 Summer Semester
English for Communication I
Curriculum Issues in Language Arts Education
Foundation in Child Development
Introduction to Social & Cultural
Seminar Series in Technology in Education
English for Communication II
Management Instruction and Classroom
Primary Science and Technology Teaching I
Developing Number Concepts and Operation
Planning Teaching and Assessing Social Studies in the Primary
Promoting Reading in the Primary
Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
Semester 3 Semester 4
Techniques in Classroom Investigation
Primary Science and Technology Teaching II
Promoting Understanding of key concepts in primary mathematics
Methods of Inquiry and Fieldwork in Social Studies
Promoting Writing in the Primary
Seminars for Reflecting on Classroom Practice
Extended Classroom Practicum

Choose three(3) Electives

-Physical Education
-Health and Family Life Education
-Drama and Theatre Education
-Facilitating Democracy in the Classroom
-Guidance and Counselling
-Early Childhood Education
-Catering to Students Special Needs
-Matriculation French
-Matriculation Spanish