Program Details

Natural Science

Entry Requirements

Candidate MUST have Five (5) subjects at CXC General Proficiency including Maths English, Biology, Chemistry or Physics



Students are required to pass all three modules of EACH course taken. A minimum of two 2-Unit courses must be taken in order to qualify for CFBC certification.


A single Certificate is provided for each examination sitting. Note well: CAPE certification does not qualify students for CFBC graduation.


To qualify for the CAPE Diploma, six CAPE Units must be successfully completed (with passes at grades I to V), including Caribbean Studies. Units for the CAPE Diploma are typically acquired over a two year period but may be acquired over a maximum period of five years.




General Education Requirements

Communication Studies Caribbean Studies Integrated Maths
COMM1001 Module 1 - Gathering and Processing Information
COMM1002 Module 2 - Language and Community
COMM1003 Module 3 - Speaking and Writing
CCST1181 Module 1 - Caribbean Society and Culture
CCST1182 Module 2 - Issues in Caribbean Development
CCST1183 Module 3 - Investigating Issues in the Caribbean
CMTH1331 Module 1 - Foundations of Mathematics
CMTH1332 Module 2 - Statistics
CMTH1333 Module 3 - Calculus


Core Courses
Physics Unit 1
Physics Unit 2

Chemistry Unit 1: Chemical Principles and Applications I
Module 1 Fundamentals in Chemistry
Module 2 Kinetics and Equilibria
Module 3 Chemistry of the Elements

Chemistry Unit 2: Chemical Principles and Applications II
Module 1 The Chemistry of Carbon Compounds
Module 2 Analytical Methods and Separation Techniques
Module 3 Industry and the Environment


Biology Unit 1: Biomolecules, Reproduction and Development
Module 1 Cell and Molecular Biology
Module 2 Genetics, Variation and Natural Selection
Module 3 Reproductive Biology

Biology Unit 2: Bioenergetics, Biosystems and Applications
Module 1 Bioenergetics
Module 2 Biosystems Maintenance
Module 3 Applications of Biology

Physics Unit 1: Mechanics, Waves, Properties of Matter
Module 1 Mechanics
Module 2 Oscillations and Waves
Module 3 Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Matter

Physics Unit 2: Electricity and Magnetism, A.C. Theory and Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Module 1 Electricity and Magnetism
Module 2 A. C. Theory and Electronics
Module 3 Atomic and Nuclear Physics


Chemistry Unit 1
Chemistry Unit 2
Biology Unit 1
Biology Unit 2

Choose one Unit from any other CAPE® syllabus