Program Details

Information Technology (A.A.S)



This curriculum provides a broad perspective on how to use and apply the knowledge and tools of Information Technology, Computer Science and/or Information Systems, to the self and society. Students in this two year entry level degree programme will be encouraged to grapple with the complexities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, of these fields in their everyday life and workplaces. Majors are premised on the notion that ICT understandings are best developed within the context of application. Prominent features of the courses that have been included are practical labs and projects that emphasize replication of real-life situations, and require the use of a variety of resources for learning.

Entry Requirements
For admission to the Information Technology program, Candidate MUST has Four (4) subjects at CXC General Proficiency  including:



Information Technology

Any Science subject

CFBC Associated Degree in Information Technology

To obtain a CFBC Associate Degree in Information Technology , candidates will be required to complete all courses.



Information Technology(A.A.S)Program Outline

Semester 1 Semester 2
IFTH1010 Introduction to Modern Computing Concepts
IFTH1008 Introduction to Computer Science
IMAT2001 Discrete Mathematics
SPAN1001 Spanish
ENGL1041 Language and Communication Studies
IFTH1006 Fundamentals of Programming
SAFE1000 Occupational Health and Safety
IFTH1001 Computer Science I:Object Oriented Programming
MGMT2007 Organisational Behaviour
IFTH1000 Fundamentals of Computer Hardware and Software
CBST1001 Caribbean Issues and Perspectives
MGMT1004 Critical Thinking
IFTH1009 Systems Analysis and Design
Semester 3 Semester 4
COMP2001 Computer Science II: Software Engineering
IFTH1003 Introduction Management Information Systems
IFTH2003 Fundamentals of Networks
IFTH2004 Basic Computer System Assembly
SOCI1001 Sociology
COMP2003 Introduction to Structured Programming
IFTH2005 Introduction to Web Page Design
IFTH2006 Data Security Concepts
IFTH2009 Electronic (E-) Business Technologies
IFTH2008 Fundamentals of Telecommunication Systems
IFTH2001 Internship and Project (Capstone Project)