Sociology is the study of the social lives of humans, groups and society. The CAPE Sociology Syllabus aims to provide students with the necessary skills for an understanding of the structures, organisation and development of societies, particularly those in the Caribbean. It introduces them to the knowledge of the theories and basic research methods of Sociology, the sociological perspective, and the processes of social structural change with specific emphasis on the development and modernization of societies.


Candidate MUST have a minimum of Five (5) subjects at CXC General Proficiency including English,Social Studies, or History or Geography.



Students are required to pass all three modules of EACH course taken. A minimum of two 2-Unit courses must be taken in order to qualify for CFBC certification.


A single Certificate is provided for each examination sitting. Note well: CAPE certification does not qualify students for CFBC graduation.


To qualify for the CAPE Diploma, six CAPE Units must be successfully completed (with passes at grades I to V), including Caribbean Studies. Units for the CAPE Diploma are typically acquired over a two year period but may be acquired over a maximum period of five years.






General Education Requirements

Communication Studies Caribbean Studies Integrated Maths
COMM1001 Module 1 - Gathering and Processing Information
COMM1002 Module 2 - Language and Community
COMM1003 Module 3 - Speaking and Writing
CCST1181 Module 1 - Caribbean Society and Culture
CCST1182 Module 2 - Issues in Caribbean Development
CCST1183 Module 3 - Investigating Issues in the Caribbean
CMTH1331 Module 1 - Foundations of Mathematics
CMTH1332 Module 2 - Statistics
CMTH1333 Module 3 - Calculus

Core Courses
Sociology Unit 1
SOCI1151 Module 1: Sociology, Culture and Identity
SOCI1152 Module 2: Social Institutions: Family, Religion, Education
SOCI1153 Module 3: Social Stratification and Social Mobility

Sociology Unit 2
SOCI2151 Module 1: Population Studies
SOCI2152 Module 2: Social Order, Social Control and Deviance
SOCI2153 Module 3: Social Development and Poverty

History Unit 1
HIST1091 Module 1: Indigenous Societies
HIST1092 Module 2: Slave Systems: Character and Dismantlement
HIST1093 Module 3: Freedom in Action

History Unit 2
HIST2091 Module 1: Atlantic World: Interactions
HIST2092 Module 2: Atlantic Development: Identity and Industry
HIST2093 Module 3: International Relations: Conflict and Liberation