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History is the continuous, systematic study, through research, of events over time, that are of importance to communities, societies, countries and ultimately, the human race. The CAPE History Syllabus seeks to enhance the interests, capabilities, skills and attitudes of students to enable them to develop as autonomous human beings capable of acting as rational and ethical individuals, and as responsible members of their community. The selection, structure and content of themes and modules have been informed by a desire to promote an understanding of the historical as well as the contemporary relationships among the nations and societies on the Atlantic shores. The syllabus has been organised to enhance the in-depth study of themes that will enable persons to acquire and practice the skills of a historian.


Candidate MUST have Five (5) subjects at CXC General Proficiency including English Language.




General Education Requirements

Communication Studies Caribbean Studies Integrated Maths
COMM1001 Module 1 - Gathering and Processing Information
COMM1002 Module 2 - Language and Community
COMM1003 Module 3 - Speaking and Writing
CCST1181 Module 1 - Caribbean Society and Culture
CCST1182 Module 2 - Issues in Caribbean Development
CCST1183 Module 3 - Investigating Issues in the Caribbean
CMTH1331 Module 1 - Foundations of Mathematics
CMTH1332 Module 2 - Statistics
CMTH1333 Module 3 - Calculus

Core Courses
History Unit 1
HIST1091 Module 1: Indigenous Societies
HIST1092 Module 2: Slave Systems: Character and Dismantlement
HIST1093 Module 3: Freedom in Action

History Unit 2
HIST2091 Module 1: Atlantic World: Interactions
HIST2092 Module 2: Atlantic Development: Identity and Industry
HIST2093 Module 3: International Relations: Conflict and Liberation

CLAW1101 Module 1:Caribbean Legal Systems
CLAW1102 Module 2:Principles of Public Law
CLAW1103 Module 3:Criminal Law

CLAW2101 Module 1: Law of Tort
CLAW2102 Module 2:Law of Contract
CLAW2103 Module 3: Real Property


Core Courses
HIST1091 History Unit 1
HIST2091 History Unit 2

CLIE1111 Literatures in English Unit 1
CLIE2111 Literatures in English Unit 2