Program Details

Hospitality Studies (A.A.S)

The Tourism/Hospitality Industry must be staffed at all levels by individuals who are well equipped with the knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes to satisfy the demands of this dynamic industry.This global training can best be realized through a dedicated partnership between the specialized educational institutions and the tourism sector.A partnership such as this should effectively garner the requisites of the industry, thereby making it possible to provide students with the essentials to contribute to a prosperous Tourism/Hospitality Industry.

Hospitality Associate Degree programme include a work experience component, which allows students to gain practical skills and observe and apply management principles and theories.

Entry Requirements

Students seeking acceptance to the Hospitality Studies Associate Degree in Applied Science should have a minimum of 4 GCE O Level Grades A, B or C; or four CXC General Level Grade I, II or III subjects including English.


Duration of Study: 2 years full-time study.

CFBC Associate Degree in Hospitality Studies.

To obtain a CFBC Associate Degree in Hospitality Studies candidates will be required to complete all courses.




Hospitality Studies Program Outline

Semester 1 Semester 2
HHFT1011 Food Beverage 1
ENGL1041 English Communication I
ACCM1001 Accommodation 1
HHFT1013 Intro Tourism/Hospitality
HHFT1010 Introduction to Management
IFTH1002 Information Technology
SAFE1002 Sanitation Safety and Hygiene

ACCT1001 Principle of Accounting
MGMT1002 Market 1
ECON1001 Micro-Economics
ENGL1042 English Communication II
SPAN1001 Spanish I
HCST1010 Caribbean Studies
HMAT2001 Maths and Statistics
Semester 3 Semester 4
MGMT2001 Hospitality Marketing
HHFT2001 Bar Operation
ACCT2002 Hospitality Accounting
HHFT2008 Food Beverage Cost Control

HHFT2005 Leisure and Recreation Management
HLAW2001 Hospitality Law
MGMT2002 Events and Conference Management
HHFT2006 Accommodation 2
CULN1102 Food Preparation I
HHFT2004 Quality Customer Care
HHFT2009 Internship
MGMT2006 Entrepreneurship