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Post Graduate Diploma in Education

The Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education is an In-Service programme for secondary teachers who possess a first degree but have not been exposed to any professional training in teaching. The major emphasis in the programme is to help teachers, through exposure to a range of relevant experiences and processes, to function with a high degree of effectiveness in the classroom in the context of rapidly changing global, regional and school environments. At the same time, equal emphasis will be placed on helping the teacher develop as a high quality, discerning professional who recognizes the importance of lifelong learning, self-assessment and continuous professional development. Integration of Theory and Practice will be emphasized in this programme.

Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
First complete an online UWI Cave Hill application via the link provided below.

Please select the Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education under Humanities and Education.
After you have completed your online UWI application kindly proceed to submit your supporting documents to the CFBC Office of the Registrar (Admissions) for certification and onward forwarding to UWI to accelerate the review of your application.

What supporting documents am I required to submit?
All applicants are required to submit certified copies of the following supporting

  • Birth Certificate
  • Official Academic Transcript
  • 2 Referee Reports (PDF)
  • Professional & Academic Certificate(s)
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Legal Affidavit or deed poll if your present name is different from that on the Birth Certificate.

How will I know that all documents have been received for my Application?
You can track your application online by going to "Track Your Application" in the Apply Now and follows the steps shown there.

Am I required to pay an application fee?
Applicants from St. Kitts and Nevis are required to pay an application processing fee of BDS $30.00. This can be paid via the UWI online application. However, if an applicant is unable to make the payment via the online application, the applicant can submit the credit card authorization form via the link provided. (PDF)

Special Note: Upon being accepted to UWI students are required to complete a CFBC application and pay the CFBC application fee.

What is the application processing time?
Please allow approximately one (1) month for your application record and documents to be updated and processed in our system.

How will I know if I have been accepted?
You will receive a letter from the Office of Grad studies with an acceptance letter for you to return with 2 passport sized photos, along with a medical record which you will have your doctor complete on your behalf.

Why was my application not accepted?
UWI advises that an application may not have been accepted because:

  • your application had outstanding documents,
  • your transcript was incomplete,
  • your reference reports were not supportive,
  • the programme was oversubscribed,
  • your application was submitted after the deadline,
  • your application did not satisfy the entry requirements.

I applied last year but did not take up my offer or defer. Do I have to reapply?
If you did not accept the place, or accepted the place offered but did not defer, you will need to re-apply. Due to space constraints, your application documents would not have been retained.

What are the fees that I am required to pay when enrolling in this programme?
All students pursuing the Post Graduate Diploma in Education are required to pay the following:


  • Semesterly registration fee $395 EC
  • Annual UWI Examination fee  $2499.55EC
  • One-time payment for a CFBC student ID $35EC

Please contact the CFBC Finance Department at for additionally information.

What is the start date of the programme?
The CFBC begins the programme in SUMMER May - July.
Please note that the deadline for applications for the Semester I intake is June 30 and Semester II is September 30 of each year.









Introduction to Curriculum Theory & Practice






Classroom Assessment: Principles & Procedures





Education Foundations





Area Specialisation:

Teaching of English

Teaching of Business Studies

Teaching of Science

Teaching of Geography/Social Studies/History

Teaching of Mathematics

Teaching of Modern Languages






20 weeks over 2 terms