This program is designed to prepare individuals to become entrepreneurs. Students will gain the knowledge of entrepreneurship through application of business concepts and ideas in the creation of a business plan.

Business Studies – Entrepreneurship


Candidate MUST have a minimum of Five (5) subjects at CXC General Proficiency including English.



Students are required to pass all three modules of EACH course taken. A minimum of two 2-Unit courses must be taken in order to qualify for CFBC certification.


A single Certificate is provided for each examination sitting. Note well: CAPE certification does not qualify students for CFBC graduation.


To qualify for the CAPE Diploma, six CAPE Units must be successfully completed (with passes at grades I to V), including Caribbean Studies. Units for the CAPE Diploma are typically acquired over a two year period but may be acquired over a maximum period of five years.








General Education Requirements

Communication Studies Caribbean Studies Integrated Maths
COMM1001 Module 1 - Gathering and Processing Information
COMM1002 Module 2 - Language and Community
COMM1003 Module 3 - Speaking and Writing
CCST1181 Module 1 - Caribbean Society and Culture
CCST1182 Module 2 - Issues in Caribbean Development
CCST1183 Module 3 - Investigating Issues in the Caribbean
CMTH1331 Module 1 - Foundations of Mathematics
CMTH1332 Module 2 - Statistics
CMTH1333 Module 3 - Calculus

Core Courses

Unit 1: Entrepreneurship Theory

CENT1221 Module 1 The Entrepreneurial Mindset
CENT1222 Module 2 The Entrepreneurial Process
CENT1223 Module 3 Creativity and Innovation

Unit 2: Entrepreneurship Practice

CENT2221 Module 1 Essentials of Business Ownership
CENT2222 Module 2 New Venture Planning and Creation
CENT2223 Module 3 Managing and Growing the Venture

Management of Business Unit 1: Management Principles and Processes

MGMT1121 Module 1 - Business and its Environment
MGMT1122 Module 2 - The Management of People
MGMT1123 Module 3 - Business Finance and Accounting

Management of Business Unit 2: Application in Management

MGMT2121 Module 1 - Production and Operations Management
MGMT2122 Module 2 - Fundamentals of Marketing
MGMT2123 Module 3 - Small Business Management

Choose one or two Units from any other CAPE® syllabus