Program Details

Agricultural Studies (A.A.S)

Agricultural Study Option

Agri-Business: focus on best practices for agricultural enterprises (marketing,accounting, financial planning,value-added processing, human resource management, and entrepreneurship).

Agro-Technology: practical knowledge of building design, irrigation systems,hydroponics, pest management,agro-processing, engines, tools,and all other technology and infrastructure necessary to operate agricultural enterprises efficiently.

Agricultural Science: many of the practical applications emphasized in the other two concentrations with more advanced concepts in biology, chemistry, and plant genetics for those students with the aptitude and desire to continue their study to the bachelor’s level and beyond.

Entry Requirements 


Candidates must have four(4) CSEC subjects or equivalent inculding: English Language and Agriculture Science (Grade I, II, or III).   

NVQ in the related field** OR
CVQ Level 2 in the related field 

Special consideration will be given to mature students (over 25) under the College Mature Student Clause.  These candidates will be required to complete a professional development portfolio, which will serve as documented evidence of their prior knowledge experience(s).

CFBC Associate’s Degree in Agricultural Studies

To obtain a CFBC Associate Degree in Agriculture Studies, candidates must  complete all courses.



Agricultural Science Technology Program Outline

Semester 1 Semester 2
General Education
AGSS1114 Ecological Principles
CBST1001 Caribbean Issues and Perspectives
TCOM1001 Technical Communication I

AGSS1111 Intro to Crop Agriculture

ACCT1001 Principle of Accounts
AHDT1003 Design and Drawing
Agricultural Science
AGSS1124 Renewable Energy


General Education
IFTH1002 Information Technology
SOCI1001 Sociology
AGSS1020 Environmental Science
TCOM2001 Technical Communication II
SAFE1000 Occupational Health & Safety

AGSS1112 Intro to Livestock Agriculture

MGMT1001 Principles of Management
MECH1001 Mechanical Technology
Agricultural Science
AGSS1113 Traditional Agricultural Systems


Semester 3 Semester 4
General Education
HMAT1001 Introduction to Statistics
SPAN1001 Spanish

MGMT1000 Business Law
MGMT2007 Organizational Behaviour
COMM1001 Gathering and Processing Information

COMP1011 Computer Aided Drawing
AGST2121 Irrigation Systems
AGSS2020 Measurement and Estimating
COMM1001 Gathering and Processing Information

Agricultural Science
AGSS2111 Horticulture
AGSS2122 Plant Genetics & Plant Nutrition
COMM1001 Gathering and Processing Information

Capstone Project
AGSR2213 Capstone I (Internship)



ACCT2001 Financial Accounting I
MGMT2006 Entrepreneurship
ECON1001 Elements of Microeconomics
MGMT1003 Business Communication
MGMT2004 Human Resource Management
AGSB2210 Agriculture Business Enterprise

AGST2212 Agro-Mechanical Technology
ELCI1000 Electrical Installation
RFAC1001 Fundamentals of Refrigeration
AGST2110 Agro-Processing

Agricultural Science
AGSS2213 Non-Traditional Agricultural Systems
AGSS2224 Animal Husbandry
AGSS2225 Plant Physiology & Hydroponic Formulas
AGSS2241 Integrated Pest Management
AGSS2250 Environmental Pollution
CULN1105 Food Science and Nutrition

Capstone Project
AGSR2224 Capstone II (Project)