Program Details

Architectual Design Technology (A.A.S)


This programme has been design to provide a two year (4 Semesters) full-time Associate Degree in Architectural Design Technology. This course is intended to provide the Students with the necessary skills as indicated in the list of objectives below and is applied to buildings not exceeding three story’s with a minimum area of 100m2 and should include domestic, industrial, storage and business premises.



• Adapt to technological changes in their field;
• Acquire technical written and oral communication skills;
• Acquire technical mathematics applied skills, which are appropriate to the field;
• Acquire good customer relations skills that enhance continuing business relationships and referrals;
• Acquire the skills necessary to use specialized tools;
• Acquire personal responsibility and values, which are attributes of professionalism;
• Acquire and practice safety precautions in the workplace


1. Candidate must have Five (5) subjects at CXC General Proficiency or equivalent inculding:
     Mathematics, English Language ,Technical Drawing and Physics with Grade I, II, or III.



3. CVQ Level 2 in Architecture Design Technology OR
4 .CVQ Level 2 in Construction Management OR

Special consideration will be given to mature students (over 25) under the College Mature Student Clause. 
These candidates will be required to complete a professional development portfolio, which will serve as documented evidence of their prior knowledge experiences. 


CFBC Associate Degree in Architectural Design Technology.

To obtain a CFBC Associate Degree in Architectural Design Technology, candidates must complete all required courses.





Architectual Design Technology Program Outline

Semester 1 Semester 2
AHDT1002 Construction Technology I
AHDT1003 Design Drawing I
AHDT1007 Architectural History I
AHDT1006 Environmental Science I
DRAW1002 Construction Drawing 1
IFTH1002 Information Technology
TVTM1001 Technical Maths
TCOM1001 Technical Communication I

AHDT1001 Site Surveying I
AHDT1004 Building Services
AHDT1022 Construction Technology II
AHDT1023 Design & Drawing II
AHDT1026 Environmental Science II
DRAW1003 Construction Drawing II
COMP1011 Computer Aided Drawing
TVTM1002 Technical Maths
Semester 3 Semester 4

AHDT2001 Resource Management I
AHDT2031 Design Studio III
AHDT2033 Measurement & Estimating
AHDT2002 Site Surveying II

AHDT3008 Construction Mathematics III (Mechanics)
COMP2012 Computer Aided Drawing II
ELEC1007 Residential Industrial Wiring

AHDT1010 Structural Mechanics
AHDT2000 Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning System
AHDT2032 Design & Drawing IV
AHDT2021 Resource Management II
AHDT2009 Internship Job Attachment
AHDT4008 Construction Mathematics
ELEC1008 RCI- Renewable Energy
MGMT2006 Entrepreneurship