Program Details

Early Childhood Education(A.A)

This programme prepares teachers to provide developmentally-appropriate learning experiences for young children (3 – 7 years old).

Entry Requirements 

A MINIMUM of FIVE (5) CSEC subjects at General Proficiency Grades I, II or III; OR FIVE (5) GCE Ordinary level passes OR the equivalent. These subjects should include:

  •     English A
  •     Mathematics
  •     Social Studies or History or Geography
  •     Science - Integrated Science or Human & Social Biology or Agricultural Science or Pure Science
  •     One (1) additional subject


Applicants applying to the Division of Teacher Education must submit the following documents below.

  •  500 words essay entitled, “Why I would like to become a train teacher” concluding with a teacher education philosophy.
  • Certified copies of certificates and awards.
  • Two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from professional educators or supervisors if you are a current teacher.
  • Police Record.

Applicants are also required to attend an admission interview.


Candidates for Mature Entry

Candidates over the age of 30 years seeking admission into the programme and who do not have the academic qualifications but who have completed at least 5 years of teaching in one or more recognized schools must establish clear evidence of their competence in the field.

Submission of a portfolio which documents competence/accomplishments in the following ways

  • Representative sample of work (where applicable) over the three-year period 
  • A written 500 word account of life history and a vision of their role in education.
  • Documentation to substantiate certificates/awards obtained in the informal setting, e.g., on-the-job courses.
  • Recommendations from professional educator(s) and person(s) who have supervised him/her in his/her area of competence.


Division of Teacher Education Fees

Year 1 Semester 1 Year 1 Semester 2 Year 1 Summer Semester
Registration Fee $430 EC
UWI Exam Fees $300.00 EC

Registration Fee $395 EC
UWI Exam Fees $300.00 EC


Registration Fee $395 EC
TED Summer Class $163 EC
Year 2 Semester 3 Year 2 Semester 4
Registration Fee $395EC
UWI Exam Fees $300.00 EC


Registration Fee $395 EC

UWI Exam Fees $300.00 EC